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Fecha Publicación: Sat, 27 Jun 2015 18:19:00 +0000
This the first time photograph a man after more than 6 years. No bad right?

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Fecha Publicación: Tue, 23 Jun 2015 15:24:00 +0000
Lastly I have been trying to take photos in a different way that I am used to. From the back background and with studio lights to a more natural and relaxing environment. 
This session was unexpected. She is a photographer too and I was her model that day however by the end of the session I took my camera and we switch roles.
The session was short and fun and these are her selection.

And to not lose tradition, one in the xstyle I like more. ;)

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Fecha Publicación: Tue, 16 Jun 2015 19:09:00 +0000
One of the thing I enjoy photograph more are portraits. I don't believe that single picture can show the personality of a subject but only the point of the view of the photographer about the subject being photograph.

As photographers we have control, up to certain level, over the image of a person. After a photo session we can have images that show the person as an easy going friend or as a very strict and serious person.

The following images are from a portrait xclass I was giving. The subject's name is Bozena a nice and friendly woman who enjoys Latin music. On this small selection I choose mainly the ones where she look serious with the exception of the first one. Somehow, personally I found these kind of images more interesting than if the person is smiling or with a nice expression, I personally call those images "only" pretty photos while the rest are far more are interesting. 

For sure she she does like this photos too much, after all, most women want to look pretty and nice in a picture and not alike an unfriendly person but for me these photos are more revealing of her than if she would be smiling. I would rather show her laughing then simply smiling. A laugh is real, pure joy while a smile can be fake and it is fake most of the times we see it on a portrait.

So too much talking and now time to enjoy the photos:


This an essay about the absent of smiles in fine art portraiture: http://www.fstopmagazine.com/pastissues/49/Dean.html  I recommends its reading but you should have some knowledge on the work of the photographers mentioned there.

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Fecha Publicación: Sat, 13 Jun 2015 13:58:00 +0000
Once upon a time there was a boy that dreamed to be an artist, be famous, get tons of money for a single painting, get laid with pretty girls and paint with total liberty whatever he had on mind.

He went to an art school. There he learned about the masters: Michelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo and Rafael. His idols from childhood, the ninja turtles. Life could not be better.

First semester was great, second fantastic but the third was shit. New teachers and no more emphasize on technique but on content. He discovered modern art, conceptual art, installations, happening, interventions, video art, land art, serial art, street art, sound art, neo conceptual art,  live art, robotic art, op art, pop art, plop art, penis enlargement art and breast augmentation art. It was too much for him. How the hell he was going to make it? 

He tried mix media. His first piece was demolished but his teachers. That is not art, they told him, is not a painting, neither a photograph nor a sculpture. It was a piece of crap. But he did not surrender, he tried land art and again was the star of the school. A gallery sign him up and he got a solo show for his pieces of crap by the end of the year.

His xclassmates could not believe it. How was possible that people spend so much money on his pieces of crap. He did not care and continue working hard. His crap was selling well and as he could afford to create more expensive artistic projects. He realized he did not needed to finish the art school to be considered and artist. I am already an artist, he said and left.

Two years passed, he was famous, had many exhibitions and was hook on drugs. One day right after finish another piece of conceptual art, sneezed some cocaine and went out to party. He danced all night, drink few beers then returned to his studio and lied down on the concrete floor of his studio and thought: I have done too much crap. It is time for serious art now.
Nu Couche de Do,  Amadeo Modiglian.
It has been seven years since that day. Few people have seen him around. Some ensure he died of overdose or AIDS, others said he was murdered by and art gallery owner after she found out she was just one of his many lovers. However, few claim he is now married and had a two kids. That he paints portraits and do small sculptures of clay.

I had the chance to talk to him yesterday. His eyes were very red. He told me his daughter had bleeding nose and nightmares so he spend most of the night time next to her. I am clean he said, I don't do crap anymore and my kids are my greatest pieces of art. We finished our beers and keep talking for three hours. By the time I was leaving his partner entered the room and gave him cookies, I said good bye.

He asked me not to reveal his new name neither few of the paintings he let me photograph. One day he told me, but no yet.
Rob Pruitt – Holy Crap (2012), The Fireplace Project.

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Fecha Publicación: Thu, 11 Jun 2015 09:46:00 +0000
My princess Vera
is death
crucified she was.

Guilty of witchcraft
murdered by us.
Her body lies
in corrupted lands.

I took her once
to a darker side
and showed her
the power of the night.

She wanted to kiss me
and a spell she cast
but her magic on me
wasn't evil enough.

Tragic blue eyes
my princess had
and her special smile
haunted my eyes.

She waits in hell
all pale and sad
until the day
I can reunite with her.
                   Carlos Lopez, January 2015

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Fecha Publicación: Thu, 19 Feb 2015 19:57:00 +0000
From the series "Houses".
Mi Perú de Bolsillo, Zoe Massey.
From the series "Mi Perú de Bolsillo" by Zoe Massey.
Zoë P Massey is a Peruvian photographer working in visual arts since 1999; with numerous solo and group exhibitions today she share something about her and her work.

- What made you choose photography as medium of expression?  Any artistic background in the family?
I always liked arts, photography was a big hobby while growing up and signed in for short photo workshop and totally fell in love with it the first day we worked in the darkroom.
My father is an artist though I didn’t grow u with him, but my mother was an arts and life lover while gradma a great arts journalist.

- This images, are the product of experimentation?
I believe all arts are product of experimentation.
- Why a digital composition and not the representation of reality as it is?
What is reality? And why would that be a limit? Arts are a never ending source of exploring, playing, discovering tools. So I embrace that.

- So your approach to create something is more like lets’ see what happens if I do this or if I put this here?
I tend to let my imagination flow, experiment with materials and colors, digital or physical collages. Ideas go morphing as work starts evolving.

- What is the reason of these images?
No special reason, just all of them are free flying objects, just made a list of floating and flying images to recreate spaces.

- We have no balloons in Lima, neither airships, so why such alien objects?
There were balloons some not that far time ago maybe you weren’t here yet; and again why should we restrain ourselves only to what we see? That would be the biggest wall in an artistic life and work.

- So have you seen those in Lima or in old family photos? 
Yes of course, balloons here were used for bungee jumping as well as for tourism. You sound surprised about them, but as I said, restraining ourselves to work only with what we get to see in our lives would create a limit. And …the sky is the limit. Or maybe not even so.

- The circular frame, is just  for an aesthetic reason or has it some meaning/symbolism?
No symbolism, just playing with non-traditional formats it came up that circles are less static than squares or rectangles, helping the whole floating image and feeling to work better.

- You have a series of snapshots of garbage in your Facebook page. Don't you think it will be more interesting or  provocative to make good art works from it and exhibit it the same city? and why?
Not meant to be an art work, I am a writer in a local newspaper too, a communication person, so these were made in order to inform and report, that was the objective.
- So you write for a newspaper? What do you write about?
I write for Publimetro (Metro in other countries) on arts and cultural events in Lima.
I also write for Rumbos, a tourism online magazine on environmental issues, and sometimes collaborate with social campaigns Like “Glass is Life” in which different writers and bloggers support the use of glass instead of plastic.

- Do you think that as a photographer, you have some social responsibility, especially now that Peru is changing?
Not as photographer, teacher or writer but as Peruvian, we are all responsible.
Peru is not Lima, there is more money sure, but not for everyone. Segmentation, racism, poor education, health, security is still the same. I cannot say that Peru is changing positively; it's just turning into a much more consumerist country regardless of the past, present or future. Having more restaurants doesn’t mean there is a better country.
Young people have been protesting always. Been part of it before, support some of their causes today. As I mentioned its responsibility of all of us. 
From the series "Mi Perú de Bolsillo" by Zoe Massey.

From the series "Mi Perú de Bolsillo" by Zoe Massey.

From the series "Mi Perú de Bolsillo" by Zoe Massey.

From the series "Mi Perú de Bolsillo" by Zoe Massey.

 - You have the sky as an important element in your images more accomplished images,in my opinion, why?
I like open spaces in daily living. The ocean, the sky, mountains, etc. Nature in general.

- And the sky is blue not grey as it is in Lima half of the year, do you like Lima? or is a way to escape?
I have no need to escape I’m lucky enough to be able to travel in Peru as much as possible and capture a bit of everything from those trips. That series is called “Mi Peru de Bolsillo” and are collages of different parts of Peru, coast, mountains and jungle. There are also some grey skies in those collages.

- So do you like Lima?
I love Peru, I don’t really like many  people from Lima, but you can't put everyone on the same bag, can you?
All places in Peru have a special thing to give, show and from which to learn. I don’t like chaos, noise and disrespectful selfish people so that is society not the city itself.

- You did a workshop for children with special needs, how was that experience and did it influence your work or some photographic series?
Probably one of the best working experiences so far and no, no influence in my pictures but a better understanding of their world and the way they see the rest of it, how we must trust, support and encourage special needs people and how there’s always more to learn from everyone.

- You have tattoos of dragonflies, why those insects?
Let’s just say. I really like them. Not much behind that. And not the only tattoos I have, they all represent some important stage of my life, or loved ones.

- So if they all represent some stage in your life it does have a meaning, even if is not an important one.
They are all important.

- What is the best lesson you remember from your days as a student of photography?
As natural learning, the importance of self-criticism and accepting and understanding opinions on my work in order to make it better.
As academic learning, the fact that you can work with several different formats and materials, that photography is not a one dimensional art limited to printing paper.

"It was not you, is me"
- Your show  "It was not you, is me"  is very different from the rest of your work that can be seen in your websites,  this is mainly eyes and mouths, what was behind this idea?
That is actually my 4th solo, and more than 10th group show. Its not that different as I had already worked in art installations and participative projects before. I like the idea of bringing the viewer to be part of the art show. In this case pictures were sent from dozens of people, known and unknown to me and from several parts of the world creating a sort of collective work.
It is a piece thought of being only of eyes as to change the perspective of the photographer-observer to become the one observed

- Are you working in some new series now?
Not now, I am focusing on environmental installations, taking part in art festivals related to this issue. Recently presented an art project on a festival parallel to COP20 in Lima and will do something similar in March again.

- What is the COP20?
Conference of the Parties number 20 as it was the 20th meeting since it was founded, being the most important international and annual meeting on worldwide environmental issues, control on gas emissions , etc. in 2014 it was held in Lima, next year it will be held in Paris. You can find out more here http://www.cop20lima.org

From the series "Houses".

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"There is a flower I have found,
there is a smile I have kissed
and I want to keep on my hands
the flower that has kissed me"
She hides from the sunlight
away in a dark garden
 where her brown eyes
cannot see mine.

Her name I cannot tell
reserved to the Gods it is
as from heaven to hell
all beauty and danger she is.

All what she wants is
a caress on her face
while the wind and sun sing
these magic words to her.

and as the time goes
the flower slowly rises everyday
to smile to the sun
and let herself be hold on my hands...

Untitled XXXIII. From the series The solitude of delirium.

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Fecha Publicación: Wed, 31 Dec 2014 15:23:00 +0000
My heart has been broken thousands of times
and I have broken others only twice.

I clearly remember their names
but barely their faces
maybe, I was not in love.

I danced with some of them
and held hands with only ten
maybe, that is the way I used to love.

I told them magical words from my heart,
call them princesses and said they are beautiful as a summer sky
but all that was forgotten.

Poetry is useless these days,
who cares if the moon cries for us every night.

Everything is rotten.
She could not understand my gaze
and a year ago she said No

if the sky was red when that word was said
was a sign that I was in love?

I wrote all their names on my skin in red
but if it was me who had tears when they left
was it love?

and if i still can smile when I remember your eyes
is because
maybe, I still can love...
                             Carlos Lopez, December 2014

Two stories. From the series The solitude of delirium.

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The princess has cried
because the sun has hidden
and despite the rising stars
still is broken her heart.
There is no storm anymore
just a rainbow to be seen
and if it rains again
shout to the clouds: "F**k you all then!"
The princess doesn't want to be princess
she only want to be kissed
but in the meantime come with me
and let's smoke some weed. :D
                                           Carlos Lopez, November 2014.

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Fecha Publicación: Wed, 12 Nov 2014 08:30:00 +0000
You wanted to kiss me today
and I barely could escape.

Beautiful is your face,
light blue your mischievous eyes,
flirty your fleeting smile
and your anger spontaneous
but you are a very dirty dirty girl
that I like your messy hair
and tell you goodbye every day.

                                                              Carlos Lopez, April 2014. 


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Fecha Publicación: Tue, 11 Nov 2014 20:42:00 +0000
I can see trough your eyes
 the little girl behind,
 feel your scratched hands
 looking for a nice heart,
 and hear your soul
 laughing at the sky.

However I cannot kiss you tonight
 neither flirt with your smile
 nor tell you my poems till sunrise.

But I will kidnap you tomorrow somehow
 close you eyes with my hands
 and let you imagine
 the princess that you really are.

                                                              Carlos Lopez, October 2014

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Fecha Publicación: Sat, 19 Jul 2014 17:48:00 +0000
The remains of a grown woman and a girl are dug up from
a mass grave located in Chungui.
Bride during wedding celebrations at Chungui

Max Cabello, is a Peruvian documentary photographer. Finalist of the Leica Oskar Barnak Award 2014 with his series about Chunguis, a small village in the Peruvian Andes severely affected by the terrorism in the 80's. Founding memeber of the photo collective Supay fotos in this interview from 2012 he share some insights about his beginnings and motivation.

 How you start in photography?
All started in the university, in 1995. I was studing Communication sciences and there as was course that was mandatory, taught by Veronica Barclay, that was a very demanding teacher.
To pass the course you had to develop a series. I choose the topic of Circuses. I think I did not do it so bad taking as a fact that I was strugling with the use of the equipment.
As there was no photography program, let;s say I learned in on my own. I read all photograhy books from the university
I remember too have visited an exhibition of Martin Chambi and TAFOS. All were images in black and white...

Why the interest in documentary?
Is because I have interest for  historic literature or anthropological, as well for the works of Peruvian writers, (Mario Vargas Llosa, Ciro Alegria, Jose Maria Arguedas, Enrique Bryce) and some more epic like Iliad.
When I was a child I used to collect album and its figures 
Photograph people in a long period of time connect in some way my taste for history or the anthropology. Observe them, participate in their lives and represent what I see trough a photograph is a way to keep evidence of those memories. I think that is like make a study properly researched and in deep.

From the series Circus.

From the series Circus.

How you choose your stories?
 There is no method on this. Altough a motif  habe been some fascination for the themes and in other cases a need to explore a topic I like.
The series of  circuses was a pandora box. I went to many as a child. When I stared the series I imagined lions, tigers at least squalid but during the process I only saw two sheeps. 
In some way the surprise factor is good but works at the beginning and other is try to discover in our everyday symbols that allow us say something.

You started as a daily news photographer, in what moment decide to develop long term projects?
I think that was the methodology I learned since I was in the university (to talk to the people, not be invasive, spend time with them, etc) I felt like I am constructing a novel or a feature film.
I am not saying I dont take individual pictures but I am bond to this kind of work or make series.
When I started to work in the newspaper I had already this formation.
By the way I like the work of the people of Magnum until 1997 (Salgado, Bruce Davidson, Koudelka)

About your series about punks in Lima, how was your approach to them? Tell me more about it.
This was due to i wanted to do something about young people. Is a story of youth, it is still ongoing.
Between 1998 and 1999 I started to go to concerts, I think I went to as many as I could, mostly punks, dark and festival where both genders converged, there I took photos of bands, then I became friend with them and decide to photograph the punk scene.
In some way I was inside, everyday was about music, sometime about do nothing, the unconformity, the inevitable alcohol and the mosh pits. I was there, not always taking photos until approximately 2005 

There was something I think was urgent, that there were no reportages in deep about youth or was a topic that was not taken seriously the idea of portrait a generation that wanted to say something. There was no a graphic memory of the young people of that decade, not necessary related to the music scene.

In what moment you decide a series is finished?
Before I though that having a groups of images that contain all was enough. That there should be a emotional fatigue to say: I am done. But of course I could not determinate when do the cut.
Now I think no series is done in itself. Even i would like to continue some but because of time is difficult.
I would say I don't like ending, I rather continue them.

Your topics are about marginal people, why your interest on them?
I don't know. I felt a nesesity to photograph them, specially because I saw that some topics in Peru were not shown. Around the world yes, but not here (like the punks).
The search to know and portrait a generation is more a power of the literature (the first books of Vargas Llosa, Oscar Malca, Oswaldo Reinoso) but in a photographic level I could not find.

Does some photographer that have motivated/inspired you?
There are too many. From Peru the photographers from the newspapers El Mundo, El Comercio and El Sol until the year 2000. Then the images from Daniel Pajuelo, Jaime Razuri, Mayu Mohanna, Cecilia Larrabure, Sergio Urday, there as a brilliant generation that develop histories since the mid 90's. And of course the great Martin Chambi and of course the photographers from Supay.

There are as well Salgado,Natchwey, all Magnum, Bruce Davidson, Luc Delahaye, Alex Majoli, Thomas Dworzak, Jonas Bendiksen, Eugene Richards, Alex Webb, etc. Now Martin Parr, Darcy Padilla and Denis Darzaq.
Casting Huayno singers in a singing school.
From The Girls want to be singers Wayno
Carnival Party in the southern outskirts of Lima. A family dance around a tree that have adorned with small gifts (buckets, blankets, blankets and some small toys). This party's own rural home residents called cortamonte or yunza. Attendees celebrated around the tree and then be cut, and then pick up the presents they were decorating the tree.
From the series: Happy Days in the new quarters of the periphery of Lima (2013)

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You know me
but you don't know who I am
and despite you know who I am
you don't know me.

One day,
you will kiss me.
You don't know it yet,
it is my secret.
                                                       Carlos Lopez May, 2014

From the series "The delirium loneliness"

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I couln't kiss you today
neither hold your hand
nor slap your ass.

There have been eternal hours
without seen your smile
and bruised eyes.

But the night just start
so I let the Devil and the stars guide my path
to your pussy and heart.

                                              Carlos Lopez, November 2013.

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The fish kiss.

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Itchy back.

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Petals falling from the sky.

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