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Fecha Publicación: 2012-05-31T22:38:00.000-07:00

I would like to share this poem with the people that at some point have sense a spiritual void in his life. Sometimes clinging too to the physical world can provoke distress or suffering. That is the moment when we must resort to that inner voice that asks us to be heard: it is our soul.


False awakening from the dream
 is to liberate the soul.
Soul that was asleep.
Soul which cries out.

Asked my soul
the encounter with God,
see the paradise claims
wrapped with love sublime.

Awakening is to find oneself. 
Harmony and beauty everywhere. 
It is word excelsa. 
Presence is lucid. 

Awakening refuse the unreal, 
dodging the cheat
 that emanate from grayscale of minds. 
 Awakening is opening the eyes.

Unreal World of follies disguised 
as when we are asleep, 
believing see everything, when little could be seen 
from the bandage that cover the eyes. 

Awakening is to fully remove 
the mask, which flees to the truth. 
Awakening of the soul. 
It is genuine freedom.

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Fecha Publicación: 2012-05-17T19:53:00.001-07:00

The great American singer, called "The Queen of disco" has died, on may 17 at the age of 63 after a long struggle against cancer.