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Fecha Publicación: 2016-05-03T18:45:00.001-07:00
In the upcoming movie "Canola", SHINee Minho plays the love interest of Kim Go Eun, who plays the main character.

On 2 may, the directors and cast of "Canola" carried out a live broadcast through Naver V app to talk about his new film. The film features Yoon Yeo Jung, Kim Won Hee and Shin Eun Jung, as well as Minho and Kim Go Eun.

The director said: "is a youthful romance. The day that Minho and Kim Go Eun filmed, the female staff was very excited. It feels like a new twist on the genre".

When asked to Go Eun Kim about the love affair in the movie, she replied: "I think that they may have expectations for it".
Minho was asked if the two shared a kiss scene. "You can find out in the cinema," he said shyly.

"Canola" will premiere in cinemas in Korea on May 19 and tells the story of a granddaughter (Kim Go Eun) who returns home from her grandmother (Yoon Yeo Jung) after a mysterious twelve years.

Fecha Publicación: 2016-05-03T18:42:00.000-07:00
The talented singer/songwriter G.Soul, is preparing to make his return this month.

On 3 may, a JYP Entertainment representative told the press: "G.Soul is preparing for his return with the aim of being in this month. "Still we have not planned anything in particular".

Prior to this, G.Soul updated his personal Instagram account with an image accompanied by the title: "new music very soon, are you ready?".

The latest release of G.Soul was a collaboration with San E's Brand New Music which was unveiled in mid-February, but it seems that we can hear more than his incredible music in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, also revealed on April 30 to G.Soul, Park Jin Young, Min Hyo Rin and Jo Kwon would appear as special guests on the next episode of Radio Star.

Fecha Publicación: 2016-05-03T18:40:00.001-07:00
Sunny and Hyoyeon Girls' Generation will be representing Korea in an upcoming variety show entitled "Star Advent".

According to reports, they will form one of the teams in the program. The co-production between China and Korea, will be presented by the ex-conductores of "Star King", Leeteuk of Super Junior and Kang Ha Dong.

"Star Advent" will be a total of 12 Chinese and Korean celebrities while they experience the working life as workers of office in a foreign country and try to overcome cultural differences. Six Korean stars will begin to work in Chinese companies and vice versa.

Production will begin a session of preparation in Korea on 11 may, while expected the program to be released on July 9 through Shandong TV in China.

Fecha Publicación: 2016-04-30T11:10:00.002-07:00
There is a myth within the industry of K-pop known as the curse of 7 years.

The myth says that K-Pop groups are not able to last between 6 ~ 8 years without suffering changes of members or dissolution. Since the beginning of K-Pop, many groups have been victims of this curse. The main reason for that is this curse is due to the length of the contracts between the company and its artists. Most of the idols contracts have between 6 ~ 8 years. Once the season of renewal of the contract is approaching, many members leave their groups to continue with other races such as becoming a solo artist or performance. Some groups remain after the change in order to find even more success; F (x), for example, were able to succeed in their first solo concert, and got positive responses. As such, there are groups that dissolves and or change members; However, there are a few of the lucky ones who have defeated the odds and continue beyond its eighth anniversary with the same members that debuted (Shinhwa, BIG BANG). We are going to learn about groups that have suffered from the curse of the 7 years.

1 BEAST - 2009-2016 (7 years)
Cube Entertainment announced on April 19 the members of BEAST, hyunseung has officially left the group after 7 years of promotions. The official reason for the departure was the difference in the xstyle of music of hyunseung wished to continue in comparison with the rest of the group.

2 SNSD / Girls ' Generation - 2007-2015 (8 years)
After taking the K-Pop scene since his debut as a group of 9 members in 2007, SNSD had succumbed to the curse by 2015. Jessica had announced his departure from the group after 8 years. SNSD continues to promote as a group of 8 members with his popularity always growing. Jessica also will be returning to the K-pop scene with an album solo this month of may!

3. Wonder Girls - 2007-2015 (7 ~ 8 years)
the Wonder Girls after making his debut in 2007 had suffered drastic changes in their member after 7 ~ 8 years. Since the first year of its debut, the Group had undergone changes of members. However, just when we thought that the Group had found a point of balance in terms of members, two main members (who have been with the Group since pre-debut) had decided out of the group. Sunye had left in 2014 after getting married, and Sohee had decided not to renew its contract with JYP in 2015. Sohee has now signed with Key East Entertainment to devote himself to acting. The rest of the Wonder Girls continue their activities as a group of 4 members!

4 TVXQ - 2003-2010 (7 years)
Original Kings of K-Pop, TVXQ is had won the love of the world after his debut as a group of 5 members in 2003. In 2010, three members had decided to leave the band to follow their own music. Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu and Hero Jaejoong continued his musical activities with a new name, JYJ. The other 2 TVXQ members still continue under the same name but as a duo.

5 F (X) - 2009-2015 (6 years)
f (X) was named as the 'pop' SM princesses when they made their debut as a group of 5 members in 2009. In 2015, after a brief pause, Sully had decided to officially leave the group to devote himself to acting. The group is now promoted as a group of 4 members, and they were able to find success in their first solo concert.

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The model of the French brand Didier DUBOT posed for the S / S Kiss Me Collection 2016. Suzy had a seductive red-painted lips and her hair was great and natural. Suzy is definitely a natural beauty with lovely eyes that make the collection highlight.

The collection Kiss Me than this used by Suzy in the ad is the line of novelty showing Didier DUBOT and which is made up of adorable hearts and lips kissable in jewelry

Didier DUBOT officials say, "the earrings, necklaces and rings are priced at 100,000 to 300,000 won. This month of may, the collection can be a good gift that expresses gratitude and love".

Meanwhile, the collection you can see in department stores across the country since the 29th of this month.

Fecha Publicación: 2016-04-30T10:59:00.001-07:00

The actress Song Ji Hyo, which are currently receiving much love for appearing alongside Chen Bolin in the Chinese version of "We Got Married", has posed for the latest edition of Grazia magazine.

This time, he has worked with the Michael Kors brand, known for its refined and delicate designs, showing the 2016 spring/summer collection.

Actress dress Michael Kors creations from head to toes. We can see it with a romantic, casual, dress list for the holidays with a striped look, aggregated with shorts and sneakers. Song Ji Hyo displays a bright and charming, which is great for the clothes that takes. This casual but sophisticated xstyle is inspired by the South of France.

Grazia also published a video from behind of the cameras, which can be seen here below!

The rest of the Song Ji Hyo with Michael Kors photo shoot can be found in the number 76 of Grazia magazine.

Fecha Publicación: 2016-04-24T09:02:00.000-07:00
Next film "Bounty Hunters", co-produced by Korea and China, has launched official images from the film for the first time on April 20.

The anticipation of fans rises with the publication of these photos, especially since the appearance of Lee Min Ho is waving their hearts.

The photos also include Chinese stars like Wallace Chung, Tiffany Tang and more complete the stellar list.

Since this is the first film of Lee Min Ho filmed in China, he has been promoting the film in China from 13 to 17 April. Many fans went to visit it during promotional events, which foreshadows a successful outcome for this film.

"Bounty Hunters" is about a group of people travelling across Asia in search of money. Premiering on June 9 in China.

Fecha Publicación: 2016-04-24T08:55:00.000-07:00

Few days ago, Cube Entertainment announced that Yong Junhyung of Beast would carry out a project alone. On 23 April, the Agency released two teasers images online and discovered a little more than the simple solo.

"When This Song is Over" is the opportunity to collaborate with Davii, a new musician in the music scene that worked in "Flower" three years ago. Thus, Junhyung, who has composed the title, invited it to collaborate on the song. "The letter of When This Song is Over" speaks of the sadness of a man when he has to give up the woman who loves.

The second track of the single, "Don't You Worry", is a single Davii and Junhyung who will speak of saying goodbye to your beloved and wish him happiness.

The single will be available from April 27.

Fecha Publicación: 2016-04-18T17:51:00.003-07:00
International fans of the K-Dramas, have an advantage and a disadvantage that fans of Korea. While international fans have to wait for a drama that will be available once it is issued in Korea, they have the luxury of seeing many dramas at the same time. However, the fans in Korea must choose, faced with the choice of two good dramas airing in the same time interval and decide which drama will see then. The drama which is not elected, no matter how good that is, will have low audience and little media coverage. Oh! These unfortunate tragedies.

 "Please Come Back, Mister", which is played by Rain, Lee Min Jung and Oh Yeon Seo, is a clear example that a good drama just had the worst of luck. This drama competed directly against the drama of "Descendants of the Sun," which airs Wednesday and Thursday at the same time. Both dramas premiered and ended exactly on the same days.

While "Please Come Back, Mister" was the first drama of Rain in two years and the return expected from Lee Min Jung to the girl after giving birth, screen could simply not compete with interest combined "Descendants of the Sun," which was the first drama of Song Joong Ki after his military service and the last drama of the famous writer Kim Eun Sook as well as being the first return of Song Hye Kyo in three years.

"Descendants of the Sun" was released with a 14.3% of audience and "Please Come Back, Mister" began with 6.6%. The difference only became wider over the weeks since "Descendants of the Sun" ended with a 38.8% while "Please Come Back Mister" with only 2.6%.

Song Joong Ki

But Song Joong Ki has not always had the same fate with their dramas, in 2010 drama "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" by KBS, which had great popularity internationally, did not have as much luck in the Korean television audience, since it went against MBC "Dong Yi" and "Giant" of SBS. Drama "Dong Yi" took the audience from 10 to 30 percent during its 60 episodes and "Giant" had 10 to 40 percent. "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" was in an only digit going against two big hits to pass between its competition. The drama achieved a maximum of 14.3% in its transmission, so one can imagine the well that had gone you if he had not competed against the other two dramas.

This 2005 KBS drama, is one of which is described as a true K-Drama. It is also the drama that gave the nickname of "Uhm Force" Uhm Tae Woong. Unfortunately, this drama was at odds with "My Name Is Kim Sam Soon". They were released on the same day, but with the news that an actress increased weight to interpret its role (Kim Sun Ah increased around 20 kilos), so viewers decided to watch "My Name Is Kim Sam Soon". Premieres with a 17.4% and ended with 49.1%. The drama of "Resurrection" was released with 19.9% and was 8.0% of audience the day that "Kim Sam Soon" ended, but the audience grew when his competition left, ending with a 22.9%.

Soompiers, what dramas seemed very good to you but had low audience in Korea?