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Children Game PowerPoint templates can be used for those educators who are interested to download free kids PowerPoint templates or kid backgrounds that make them possible to create amazing presentations for classroom. It is also good to show parents about  effects of video games on children, or to

Un nuevo artículo para la revista J mostrando lo mejor del streetstyle del fashion week de NY y sus asistentes en donde vemos lo ecléctico de la ciudad y la mezcla de sus diversos estilos. Voilá A new article for J magazine showing the best of the Ny Fashion week streetstyle and people attending

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:) Por Ana de Harto Garabato
* 9521 hrs. en el Ver similares..

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I decided to spend the day doing what I like to do. I took my camera with me. It’s the Canon T3i. It was my first time using my new camera and the first time in months that I’ve taken any pictures. So I headed off to San Luis Obispo [...]